Bing Advertising 

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What is Bing Advertising?

Despite being Google's little brother in the search advertising space, Bing still commands a relevant number of searches in Australia on Desktop devices. Roughly 7% of the search market share in worldwide was through Bing on desktops.

You want your business to reach as many people as possible, this makes Bing an essential part of your online advertising.

Bing works just like Google Ads does, so if your already getting results form your current PPC strategy. Then you should talk to The Compilator about Bing Advertising


Lower Cost Less Competition

Bing Paid search is an avenue worth exploring for businesses as many companies are restricted to using internet explorer which defaults to bing as the search engine. Any business that ignores Bing is leaving potential customers in the shade.

With many business ignoring Bing in favour of Google it is far less competitive and results can come quickly at a far lower cost.

Each search engine should be approached differently to maximise results from your campaign.

The Compilator can show you how to get the highest ROI from your Bing marketing strategy.