Google Ads

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What Is Google Ads?

Google still made up roughly 93% of the Search market share across all devices in 2017; Google search is still the most important and crucial part of any Search Engine Marketing strategy. It allows us to bid for relevant business keywords that generate leads through clicks for your business.

Analytics are a core component of any search campaign, we learn and we constantly test & trial against our own results, in order to continuously improve. Experience, reliability, and transparency are an integral part of the service we will provide you and your business.

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Generate More Leads With Google Ad’s

Reaching the top spot of search results is no great mystery. With razor-sharp Google Ads management, all businesses can take the lead faster than you might expect. For instant gratification and results you can see, choose an SEM agency that knows the secrets.

With PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising you only pay for the clicks you want, from the customers that are searching for you. Half of all search clicks are given to the top three paid ads, it’s critical that your business should be there.


What can a Partner Agency do for you?

As a trusted Google Ads provider, some members of our team have completed courses and exams that place them as experts in the PPC field.

Our individual Google Ads certifications include:

The Compilator will assign you a Certified Google Expert to ensure your campaign is successful.



How much do i pay for a Google Ads Click

It all depends on the bidding strategy. In short, you set up a maximum you want to pay, and Google can spend up to 20% more for that bid.

You will only ever pay just enough to bet the next highest bid. For example if the next highest bid is$2.70 then you’ll pay $2.71. However there are other types of bidding dtrategies that uses A.I to set bids.

For example: Say a client wants to specifically pay a cap of $100 daily. If the bidding strategy is “Maximize Conversions” or “Enhanced CPC” then google can decide to spend up to $200 on that specific date, with a total spend of $3600 for the total 30 days, but no more than that.

Were will my listing appear in the search listings

Your goal is to appear within the first 4 spots on Google and on Google Partners sites. However depending on how Google see your ad you could end up on page 3.

What is the difference between SEM and PPC

SEM- Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the overarching category for all Paid activity and includes Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, Google Remarketing, YouTube Advertising, Bing Advertising and Programmatic Advertising.

PPC- Pay Per Click is the traditional way you pay for your clicks and is what search ads are set by default. There are other way that you can pay for your advertsing such as Cost Per thousand impressions (CPM) and Cost Per View (CPV),