Google Ads Remarketing

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What is Remarketing?

Despite the common misconception that remarketing is just following people around with ads until they get board with your brand it is still one of the most powerful tools when done right.

Retargeting ads give you the ability to show targeted ads to those potential customers that have already shown an interest in your business. These ads can be changed based upon your customers actions showing the right ad at the right time. So, when a person visited your site or app but didn’t finalise a conversion, your ads will be shown to them as they continue their journey around the web.

This keeps your ads at the front of the consumers mind increase the likelihood of getting the sale.

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Turning Window Shoppers Into Online Shoppers

The more customers see your ad the more likely they are to make a purchase. It can take roughly 15 interaction for someone to make a purchase.

The average conversion rate of an online store is 2.95%, Showing them a gentle reminder of your business is the best way to get them to make a purchase, otherwise you risk getting lost in the noise and forgotten about.

Showing ads across YouTube, Display and Search allows you to make the most of the customer interaction, with the GDN (Google Display Network) covering 90% and YouTube being the second biggest search engine on the planet remarketing is a must.

Whilst you probaly getting more and more users into your funnel let The Compilator help you keep them.


Google Ads & Social Media Remarketing

So many agency do remarketing wrong with over bearing, creepy ads that are poorly executed. This leads to consumers feeling alienated and disliking your Brand

Our team of Social Media and Google expects develop bespoke plans to increase your conversion. No gimmicks, No code implementation just results.

Start getting the conversions with one of The Compilators bespoke remarketing strategies and we can get your on the right path. It’s time to stop letting your clients forget about you.