Google Shopping

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What is Google Shopping?

Imagine your products taking prime position on Google search results. Let the realisation of people buying without even stepping foot in your store.

Now stop imagining. Because The Compilator can make the dream into a reality.

We fulfil ambitions by optimising your Google Shopping feed management, to get your products shown in the results of relevant search queries and encourage more shoppers to click on your products.

Google Shopping Optimization runs through our blood. We know the best approaches to gain you a higher ROI, maximising profit from day one.

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Increase Your ROI

More and more clicks are being awarded to Google product listing ads. That makes it a must for any pay-per-click campaign for your retail business.

You want to build a Google Shopping management campaign that will gain brand recognition and increase sales. But how exactly do you enhance your product feeds to make the most of your online store?

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Bidding & Shopping Feed

It all start with your feed which is the cornerstone of a successful campaign there are many ways in which to create your Google Shopping Feed depending on the size of your business.

Bidding is the centre of Google Shopping. It’s the powerhouse that decides which queries you show up for and how profitable your campaign is going to be. That’s why we do thorough analysis to gain petter profitability. Call on the experts at The Compilator to get started.

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The best part of crafting a Google Shopping is seeing the results come through. The crucial part is ensuring that your tracking and e-commerce is set correctly.

The Compilator will ensure that=at all aspects of your tracking are set up correctly from day one to ensure that we can get the most out of your campaigning. Driving positive returns and a high ROI. Call Today