LinkedIn Advertising

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What is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIN had=s become a powerhouse with over 450 million professionals on LinkedIn.

There is more to LinkedIn than just throwing out an ad. It start with ensuring your staff pages and company pages are SEO friendly with a cohesive message

Build brand awareness, generate leads, make sales and achieve long-term customers with a clear, effective LinkedIn marketing strategy.

We can help you develop the LinkedIn marketing strategy to get in front of the people that matter to you.

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How Professional Networking works

LinkedIn ads put your business in front of the decision makers. There are two types of LinkedIn Campaigns.

  1. Targeted advertising – We’ll create and deploy LinkedIn text ads, image ads and dynamic ads that are highly customised to target your specific audience and boost ROI.

  2. Sponsored content – We promote your content to build trust in your brand and establish you as a leader in your industry.

People will know about your business, then growth follows.

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An Expert Strategy

LinkedIn should is all about expert content and professional networking.

This is where executives and decision-makers (an estimated 40 million of them) are spending their spare time and they’re looking for content that will help them improve their business. With LinkedIn connecting you to executives globally it’s where you need to be.

The Compilator can maximise your LinkedIn advertising to get you the growth you deserve.