YouTube Advertising


What is YouTube Advertising?

Video is becoming the increasingly important in the current media landscape. ⅓ of all online activity is now spent watching/streaming videos.

Over a billion people across the world actively use YouTube, making it the second biggest search engine in the world.

You should be doing regular YouTube video advertising. When you offer a more engaging, exciting way to present your brand, people listen.

The world isn’t just watching cat videos. 59% of executives choose to watch video over reading text. They want to know about your business.Let’s start your YouTube journey

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Get Your Brand Noticed

No matter what type of content your creating you should be weaving YouTube into your strategy

Merging your plan with YouTube ads will get you the best ROI possible and the best part if they skip the ad your not charged.

Placing ads in the right placing ensure that audiences get to know your brands personality. Allowing them to identify and become advocates for you.

Partner with The Compilator to accelerate your YouTube strategy onto the right stage, for the right audience.

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Converting Through Video

Video isn’t all about going viral. It’s about providing value to your consumers.

This becomes a critical part of the buyers journey, building better relationships with customers, to educating and converting buyers. This provides a better overall customer experience.

Video plays a starring role in the digital landscape. The most effective type of video at the moment is customer testimonials. Basically, your customer wants to know more about your business, without having to read through endless blocks of text.

The Compilator can show you how to improve your video efforts with over 15 years of experience with an effective CTA and a highly-focused YouTube strategy.